East Side Culture Crawl

Shanua Barker leads us through the free, three-day event, that is the East Side Culture Crawl. Valerie Arntzen, one of the founders of the East Side Culture Crawl Society, describes the criteria one must match in order to have your creative results displayed. “You must make real art. Nothing that is mass produced…and that you […]

Novus Free Talk- Sex and the City

Novus Free Talk is back, this time interviewing passersby to see which character from the enormously popular TV show, “Sex and the City” that they identify with most.¬†While the majority of women Novus spoke with on the street know the show and can identify with one of the characters, men, when asked who they “identify” […]

Yaletown Business Improvement Association

Nicola Anderson and City Lights head into Yaletown, one of Vancouver’s more trendy neighbourhoods, to investigate what it takes to make this area so appealing. To find an answer, she speaks with Annette O’Shea, the executive director of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, which is essentially a membership of all of the merchants, restaurants, and […]

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival

The TD International Jazz Festival in Gastown is one of Vancouver’s most anticipated yearly events. With 1800 performers, 400 concerts, and 40 different venues in 2008, all free, its easy to see why. The Vancouver International Jazz Festival is one of the best of its kind, as quoted on the Coastal Jazz and Blues website,¬†“If […]

Free Outdoor Yoga- Canada Place

A chance for yogis to get their groove on. Victoria Bidewell tries out the free yoga sessions taking place over the warmer months at Canada Place, on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver. Classes are held on the observation deck of Canada Place where participants not only strengthen and relax their bodies with this ancient practice, […]

Car Free Day- Main Street

Cara Yeates is on Main Street amidst crowds of thousands for its annual Car Free Day. Billy Collins, Event Co-ordinator, describes Car Free Day as, “a Vancouver wide event that originated from the Commercial Drive fest four years ago. The idea this year was the organizers of the Commercial Drive event decided to expand the […]