City Lights- Movers & Shapers Exhibit

Ishra Sharif is at the Vancouver Museum to check out last year’s exhibit, Movers & Shapers 2008. Movers & Shapers was exhibited in both 2004 and 2007. 2008’s exhibit was the culmination of the two previous years; it profiled twice as many designers as in previuos years, twenty, and the designers’ spaces were larger, with more events surrouding […]

City Lights- Dodgeball

Ahh dodgeball. Possibly the greatest game EVER invented on the face of the earth. At least we think so. Paul Anthony scopes out a local dodgeball posse down at the neighbourhood community centre to see what the attraction is all about. First off, nothing beats seeing people throw things at each other. When the people happen […]

Car Free Day- Main Street

Cara Yeates is on Main Street amidst crowds of thousands for its annual Car Free Day. Billy Collins, Event Co-ordinator, describes Car Free Day as, “a Vancouver wide event that originated from the Commercial Drive fest four years ago. The idea this year was the organizers of the Commercial Drive event decided to expand the […]

Greek Summer Festival 2008

Nicola Anderson is reporting for City Lights at the Greek Summer Fest, the main fundraiser of the year for the Greek community of East Vancouver. The festival runs on Boundary Rd. from June 27th to July 6th, from noon to eleven p.m., a total of nine days of the very things that make the world go […]

Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2008

Victoria Bidewell leads us through the grounds of the 31st Vancouver Folk Music Festival at Jericho Beach Park which took place on July 18,19, and 20. This yearly packed out event is based around the notion of, “music from the people for the people.”  Pockets of tents feature a range of food, of local and international […]