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Novus Free Talk-Victoria Day

May long weekend is coming!! Let’s get excited. With a false Spring showing its face, I think I speak for all of us when I say we are eagerly anticipating the real thing. Victoria Day has always been the jumping off spot for the onslaught of warm weather and here we look at what Vancouverites […]

Novus Free Talk-New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions….if you haven’t made any by now, don’t bother, because it seems, from the footage here at least, that most of us aren’t even planning on trying.  What is going on Vancouver? Not that I blame us for not trying to make ourselves better people, but the lack of imagination when asked if […]

Novus Free Talk-Worst Christmas Present

Erin Ireland braves the cold to discuss with our street warriors the worst Christmas presents they’ve ever received. We all imagine a lump of coal or an ill-fitting sweater to take the cake, and to be honest, that’s about as bad as it seems to get for most folks. But read and watch on to see […]

Novus Free Talk-Thanksgiving

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What do you look forward to the most? The family? The food? The wine?  Novus Free Talk discusses just what it is that makes Thanksgiving so special. For some people in this city Thanksgiving is a new celebration for them, so its all about getting together with friends and family […]

Novus Free Talk-Halloween

The costume is the one thing us Vancouverites are most concerned about when it comes to Halloween. It’s all about the costume. Once you’ve got that, anything goes. Novus Free Talk discovers that we are a nation of die-hard trick and treaters, pulling off amazing costumes, amazing feats, and amazing times.  Here are some of the […]

Novus Free Talk- Sex and the City

Novus Free Talk is back, this time interviewing passersby to see which character from the enormously popular TV show, “Sex and the City” that they identify with most. While the majority of women Novus spoke with on the street know the show and can identify with one of the characters, men, when asked who they “identify” […]

Hot Topic- Vancouver Election Special

As of November 15th, the Vancouver municipal elections came to a close, with Novus TV here to supply you with a brief summary of its results in addition to exclusive footage of interviews with three successful city council candidates. Three city council candidates selected to be Vancouver councilors are as follows: for the Coalition of […]

Free Talk-Patio

Novus TV is out in the summer sunshine to talk to the people on the street about their favourite summer patio spot, whether to have a cold one, or pick up that summer crush. First we discover people’s locals, some of the favourites being the Watermark, the Cactus Club in Yaletown, Global, Cardero’s, the Chili […]