City Lights- Pangea Day

This is something I had thought about for ages and didn’t realize had actually been done. How awesome. Pangea Day is a four hour program of short films, live music, and visionary speakers. The event is broadcasted live from six nations worldwide, in seven languages, to millions of viewers all over the globe who experience it at the same time whether through internet, television, or mobile phone. Vanessa Tomasino leads the City Lights crew last May 10th, 2008, to the Vancouver chapter where millions of viewers around the globe are linked through the power of film.

 “No matter how many people will be here today, please know that there are perhaps ten million people seeing this live around the world, and we’re all part of a global campfire experience,” says Paul Schellenberg, the Downtown Co-ordinator, in his opening speech. “Pangea Day is the first time that this has ever happened anywhere in the world, that 150 countries or more are coming together to see this live broadcast…It’s a one time event, and I don’t know if it will ever happen again.”

The narration from the start of the film goes like this: For the next four hours, imagine something different. Today, right now, millions of people from around the world have gathered to see what it might feel like, for one day, to see the world through each other’s eyes.

Pangea Day is an opportunity to experience the same emotions, view the same images, experience the same reactions as millions of our other brothers and sisters around the globe. To know that millions of others are feeling what you feel (to some degree) is most definately something that will help bring us closer together, using the power of media to spread inspirational messages and hope, to remind us that in essence, we are all the same. Let’s hope this becomes an annual event.

To check out the footage from this groundbreaking event, and for more information, visit



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