City Lights- Mavi Jeans Gastown Grand Opening Party

Heather Bissonnette is down in Gastown at 355 Water St., at the new location of the Mavi Jeans store. There were a lot of fashionistas down at the grand opening party, as well as just ordinary people searching for that pair of perfecting fitting pants. According to many there, Mavi jeans just simply fit and look good. 

We caught up with Amy Beeman from the Beat 94.5 and had a quick chat about the new location. “Shopping on a Thursday night is fantastic. I love it.” “What do you think of the new location in Gastown?” “It’s a great store. I love how everything is on one floor. I’ve been to a couple of the Mavi openings…I’m a regular customer.” “How many pairs of Mavi do you have?” “I think four. After tonight it may double.” 

It’s not just for the female race either. According to Jesse Hutch of Pacific Artists, “They’re actually one of the very few pairs of jeans that actually fit me growing up…Jeans are just really difficult to fit, and Mavi fits me, and I like that.” 

Catherine Dunwoody, of Lou Lou Magazine, who hosted the event, simply says, “We love Mavi, and its just a fun event to get involved in.” 

If you’re still looking for that great pair of jeans, head on down to the Mavi store in Gastown, surely that’s where they’re waiting. 



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