City Lights- City Chase

The Mitsubishi City Chase is part obstacle course, part scavenger hunt. It takes place every year across Canada, and in preparation for the 2009 event, we’ve decided to take a look at last year’s footage of our Novus TV host Sarah Westwood out at the UBC Ropes Course.

Carina Holtby of Vancouver City Chase explains what this competition is all about. “City Chase is an urban adventure series, similar to a scavenger hunt, similar to those Amazing Race and Fear Factors that you see on TV. It’s an opportunity for those teams of two to really learn about their city and really experience their own backyard…City Chases are held all over the world, we’re actually in fifteen different countries now which is very exciting for us.”

So, let’s gear up. Sarah dones a harness and a blue helmet and is ready to roll. She, along with a partner, are taken to the Giant’s Ladder, a set of horizontal boards placed at widely spaced intervals reaching up into the tops of the trees, tall trees, where the intervals lengthen as the height  increases. Ropes attached, and a team below holding on tight, they make their way upwards. It looks easy at first, but by about halfway up the distance between the boards is almost as much as Sarah’s height. Being the champion she is, she swings herself up on the last rung with some slick ninja moves and stands triumphant. Now, imagine six hours of these jungle gym exertions, in the middle of summer, taking place throughout the city.

The Vancouver City Chase event takes place this year on August 22nd. If these sorts of shenanigans sound like you, visit for more information and to register.  



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