City Lights- Movers & Shapers Exhibit

Ishra Sharif is at the Vancouver Museum to check out last year’s exhibit, Movers & Shapers 2008. Movers & Shapers was exhibited in both 2004 and 2007. 2008’s exhibit was the culmination of the two previous years; it profiled twice as many designers as in previuos years, twenty, and the designers’ spaces were larger, with more events surrouding the designers than in previous years.

Jane Cox of Cause + Affect, one of the biggest partners bringing Movers & Shapers to the Vancouver museum, describes the mission behind their multi-disciplinary firm. “We have a few agendas…one of them is bringing more culture to Vancouver. When we first moved to Vancouver, especially from being in London, a culture mega-capital, we…felt that there were a lot of creative things going on, in little silos around the city, but there isn’t really this sort of big, collective and community spirit around culture, especially in the design sector…the art community is pretty well established and a lot of people know about artist communities and galleries, but the design community lacks.”

“The designers in this city…seem to kind of fly under the radar. The public doesn’t know about them, and the designers themselves are lacking a community to connect to one another. The thing that designers face in Vancouver is that they tend to get more recognition outside of the city than within the city. We have designers here within Movers & Shapers that are world renowned. ”

Let’s hope for another Movers & Shapers this year around. For more information on the previous exhibits and the designers involved, visit



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