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Sarah Westwood is out with professional disc golfer Steve Crichton to try out her frisbee skills, and really just learn what disc golf…is.

“Well, it’s just like regular ball golf in the sense that you’ve got a tee, and you’ve got your eventual outcome, in this case a basket instead of a hole. So, the main concept is to try and get your frisbee from your tee to the basket in as few shots as possible.”

“You have different discs for different distances in golf courses…drivers, nice and sleek with bevelled edges, and you’ve got putters, which are a bit more rounded on the edges. ”

Sarah gives it a go, throwing her frisbee with a decent amount of height but not exactly in the right direction. Steve offers her the professional consolation of any good coach. “There’s a big learning curve in this sport…the first couple times you come out can be a little frustrating. Just to sort of get the fundamentals and technique of everything. ” Sarah changes the subject, asking our Disc Golf Professional just what exactly drew him to the sport.

“On Toronto Island in Toronto, they had a course down there that a friend of mine took me to, and we went down there, and it was just sort of the perfect blend between other disc sports that I had been playing and…the sport of golf as well. It’s a great way to be out there with your friends in the park. It doesn’t cost anything to play disc golf…it’s a really social sport as well…a great blend of mental fitness I guess, in that sense.”

If disc golf looks like something you could be interested in,visit the British Columbia Disc Sport Society’s website, at



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