City Lights-The Sunday Service

“We do a weekly show here at the Hennessey at 9 pm on Sundays where we take suggestions from the audience and we make up comedic scenes on the spot,” says Kevin Lee of the Sunday service. 

“We weave the audience’s words into a tapestry of gold.” 

“We have a bit more of an alternative feel than you would normally get going to an improv show. We don’t center ourselves very much, we strive to push ourselves in directions we’re not used to or have not tread before. We really try to infuse it again with who we are as the performer which you don’t see a lot of truthful improv,” says Ryan Beil, also of the Sunday service.

That is the Sunday Service according to…the Sunday Service. And they definately don’t limit themselves. They are always trying new things, not just improv but sketch, video, and music accompaniment. They frequently have guest actors perform with them from around the city. And no, this isn’t some random tiny troup of actors. According to Discorder Magazine, “This is the DFA 1979 of theatre: escapist, absurd and entertaining above all, but always based on real personalities that just happen to be grappling with hilarious situations.”

Make sure you hop along to get your dose of the Sunday Service the next Sunday they’re performing. Visit for more information. 



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