City Lights- H&M Store Opening

H&M has long been a fashion staple. I remember the day when I set foot in Europe eight years ago to be blown away  by the store and so utterly disappointed to have to return back to Vancouver a year later where such a thing did not exist. (Not even in North America yet). But time has passed and now Vancouver can claim their own H&M store right downtown.

Here we revisit the event that has changed fashion in Vancouver, the opening of the H&M store at Pacific Centre. Host Ishra Sharif schmoozes with some  very important fashionistas and checks out the party that was the grand opening.

Laura Shankland, the Communications Manager of H&M Canada, talks about the new H&M. “It’s over 28,000 square feet and is actually our largest store in Canada. So we’re really excited to be bringing our business concept, which is fashion and quality at the best price, to Vancouver. You’ll find two floors packed with the latest fashions…there’s everything from updated basics to the very latest international trends. And you really can dress top to toe: shoes, underwear, accessories, denim, partywear, we have everything.” 

Lana from CBC Radio 3 was at the H&M party, “You know I moved here three years ago and I’ve been waiting for this store to open, for, pretty much three years. And it’s been wild, it’s been great. There’s an open bar…there’s a few sharp elbows but for the most part everyone’s well behaved. The clothes are great and it’s nice to have H&M in the city.” 

While there is no longer an open bar, there are probably also no sharp elbows around to get in your way of some good old retail therapy. H&M is located on the corner of Granville and Georgia. For more information, visit



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