Brian Howell-Wrestling: One Ring Circus Exhibition

Odessa Bennett is reporting for City Lights on Novus TV at the opening reception of “Wrestling: One Ring Circus,” a photography exhibition by award winning editorial artist and photographer, Brian Howell. Welcome to the world of Canadian minor league wrestling. 

“I went out of curiosity, much like anyone looking for a story would do. I heard about it and I went, and the first night there was violence, there were fights in the street, a cop came, a wrestler was smoking dope, there was a guy dressed up as an 1880s prospector, so visually, it was just stunning. It was loaded,” says Brian Howell. “I started to see that there was a community, a relationship between the fans and the wrestlers, and it was a place, almost a forum, for reflection of stuff that was happening…outside of the wrestling hall.” 

Gallery Owner Jennifer Winsor Zed describes the works in this manner,”this work I view as being very documentary…we were very excited by the intimacy of these images. They are very true, and kind of blunt, some of them a little difficult to view…but for the most part when you walk down and view the entire series, you feel at the end of it you have a strong sense of what this group of people, what their passion is all about.”

The black and white photos are amazing, with many of the subjects of the photographs there on opening night to add even more spark to the electric atmosphere. Make sure you get down to check out this histrionic collection while you can. Visit for more information.



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