City Lights-REM, Modest Mouse, & the National

Here we revisit one of the greatest gigs to have started off Summer ’08. Our Host Sarah Westwood talks to the crowds out at REM, Modest Mouse, and the National about their favourite band there and their opinion of the Vancouver music scene. 

For the very first time, REM, Modest Mouse, and the National are sharing the stage and they picked Vancouver as the city to do it. With REM recently inducted into the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame, there is even more reason to celebrate this fabulous triple header. There is a smattering of various accents through the excited chatter; some festival goers came from Edmonton, others as far as Australia, but their answers to who they’ve come to see are all pretty equal, all the musicians in this gig have equal drawing power. 

What some of the festival goers have to say about the music scene in Vancouver:

“I think we’re pretty satisfied…I think we’re sending out a pretty good outdoor venue here in Vancouver.” 

“For a while I think we were deprived of a lot of shows, meaning it seemed that only Montreal and Toronto were the ones, but now I think with all the festivals, and all the other great acts coming, we’re certainly privileged.” 

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