Seeing Eye to Eye

Ryan Lowe and City Lights are out at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown for the show, Seeing Eye to Eye, a charity event where all the proceeds go towards Operation Eyesight, an organization that focuses on eye health in the developing world. Seeing Eye to Eye is an evening full of our favourite things: music, theatre, art, etc…not only can you feel good being inspired by looking and listening to the beautiful things on display around you, but by attending and purchasing, your cash goes towards helping our lesser brothers in other parts of the world, towards helping them with their vision, something we take for granted and need for these events in the first place! 

Organizer Christina Gooding says,”…I’ve had it in my back pocket for a while, I recently moved back to Vancouver from New York…I was feeling the need to put something on and collaborate with local artists, and I feel like it was something that was kinda lacking in Vancouver that I really missed from New York…one of my best friends, Tod Simpson, he works for Operation Eyesight, I kinda got a personal perspective into the impact that happened with the economic crisis, how much funds they were losing, that I just thought, what can I do to help that?” 

The  genius thing with multifaceted events such as this is that its guaranteed to bring all sorts of people together, lots of people, and as musician Adam Woodall says, “a lot of the people that have these eye problems, it costs about thirty dollars to fix these things…such a little amount of money can make such a big difference to somebody, I’m happy to do it.” 

To learn more and help out Operation Eyesight, you can visit their website at



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