Novus Free Talk-New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions….if you haven’t made any by now, don’t bother, because it seems, from the footage here at least, that most of us aren’t even planning on trying. 

What is going on Vancouver? Not that I blame us for not trying to make ourselves better people, but the lack of imagination when asked if you have any New Years resolutions, is well, pretty damn sad. How about instead of no resolutions, or trying to quit smoking, or wanting to lose weight, or  trying to keep our rooms clean, we learn about spicing things up a little! Host Erin Ireland has a good one for this, less Facebook!

Getting out there and mixing things up can clash with such conscious decisions as getting healthier, being more active, drinking less…but what the hell. Have a glass of wine, a bit of liquid courage, and get out there and live a little! Start conversations with strangers, spy on someone you’re in love with, bake pies and give them to your neighbour, jump out of a plane, paint rocks and glue on furry ears, go out to venues and gigs you’ve never been to before, anything….! Get out of the mall where we interviewed you, make a beeline to your pack of friends and take over the streets with your mad selves. Explore every inch of this city, and not only will all the activity shed those pounds, you’ll make a gaggle of new amigos in the process. Try making 2009 the most exciting year to date, and that won’t be a resolution you’ll be giving up anytime soon.



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