Burn The Floor

Shauna Baker and City Lights are out at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to watch the production, Burn The Floor, a phenomenal display of Ballroom dance that takes the energy of a rock show, the glamour of a Broadway show, mixes in a few hours of “So You Think You Can Dance” type TV shows to create a new hybrid of onstage entertainment.

Jason Gilkison, choreographer of the show, talks about its origins, “Burn The Floor was created through an idea at Elton John’s 50th birthday…a group of sixteen ballroom dancers went along, did a show, and it blew the roof off for the celebrities there. They were so memorized with the dancing that happened that our producer, Harley Metcalf said, “let’s turn this into a theatrical sort of extravaganza, give them lights and sets and music and see what we can do,” and Burn The Floor was born.” 

“What Burn The Floor specializes in is taking all those favourite ballroom dances that people are used to seeing in dancehalls like the Waltz, the Mumbo, the Cha-Cha…all of them, and basically transporting them to a really cutting edge modern way, so this is ballroom dancing as raw as you can get it.” 

The blur of technique and style, and the high energy of the individuals on display makes this show something really special to see, if you’re able to sit still in your seat long enough. “We’re constantly changing and moving all the time,” says Jason, “so it’s a work in progress, we never freeze the show, so to speak.” 

The footage here will dazzle you. If you weren’t able to see the performance live, visit their website for more information and future touring dates, at www.burnthefloor.com



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