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In this segment City Lights and Paul Anthony catch up with Vancouver writer, Kevin Spenst, who had been writing a short story every day for the past three and a half years. At the Carnegie Centre we poke our nose into a documentary film showing the process involved when trying to make it as a wordsmith. 

“In 2003 a friend of mine set-up a website for me, and I thought I had to do something interesting with the website so I wrote a story everyday on the website…it makes it something that I have to do. Every morning I wake up at about five or six and then I sit down and I write,” says Kevin. 

Jeremy Shaulin-Rioux, the Director of “1000 Stories” says, “Kevin’s gotten stuff published, but his goal is to be a writer, to make a living off of writing, and so, when a couple publishers wouldn’t publish “1000 Stories”…he just published it himself, and then when he wanted to do readings, he would just bomb out there and do it himself. The movie is about a guy struggling to be an artist. It shows its hard to get people to listen…it’s about a struggle. What he’s looking for is success with his peers, he wants to feel like he’s a part of a nucleus of writers.”

The thing is, Kevin is out there doing it everyday, taking charge and leading the pack. 

You can visit his website here, at



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