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Erin Ireland is here with City Lights to investigate one of Vancouver’s great little culinary secrets. Go Fish, a little fish shack situated down on the water in False Creek, pulls extraordinary numbers regardless of the day, the time of year, or the weather. This fish n’ chips joint continuously has a line-up off the docks and we are here to discover why.

Matt, one of the chefs working all the magic behind the scenes, tells us a tale of addiction like behavior once one of their items off the menu has been tasted. “We have people that come back at least five days a week to eat some of our food, things like tacos and fisn n’ chips, people go absolutely crazy for it. The fish we actually use here is the fish that they use in all the high-end seafood restaurants in Vancouver.” 

With the source only mere meters away, its no wonder that with seafood freshly pulled from the ocean you are going to get a flavour sensation like no other. Not only that, buy by eating at Go Fish you are supporting local fishermen. “We are making every effort that we can to leave a light ecological footprint…we try our best to be as green as we can.” 

A lot of singing, joking, and banter can be heard from the chefs, so adding another layer of happiness to the food prep is probably the secret ingredient in their tasty food. “I don’t bother showing up for work if I can’t have fun,” Matt confirms. “You know a good cook by the amount of crap they have on their clothes.” 

If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, something is severely wrong with you. Grab your jacket, slip on your gummies and make tracks down to the Go Fish fish shack, before it’s all gone. 



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