Monthly Archives: January 2009

City Lights-REM, Modest Mouse, & the National

Here we revisit one of the greatest gigs to have started off Summer ’08. Our Host Sarah Westwood talks to the crowds out at REM, Modest Mouse, and the National about their favourite band there and their opinion of the Vancouver music scene.¬† For the very first time, REM, Modest Mouse, and the National are […]

City Lights-Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival-2008

Heather Bissonnette and City Lights are loving up Shakespeare in the summer of ’08 down at Vanier Beach. Christopher Gaze, the Artistic Director behind Bard on the Beach, explains what makes the event so special. “What we did here at Vanier Park, essentially what was different from other places was to open the back. I’d […]

Seeing Eye to Eye

Ryan Lowe and City Lights are out at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown for the show, Seeing Eye to Eye, a charity event where all the proceeds go towards Operation Eyesight, an organization that focuses on eye health in the developing world. Seeing Eye to Eye is an evening full of our favourite things: […]

Burn The Floor

Shauna Baker and City Lights are out at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to watch the production, Burn The Floor, a phenomenal¬†display of Ballroom dance that takes the energy of a rock show, the glamour of a Broadway show, mixes in a few hours of “So You Think You Can Dance” type TV shows to create […]

Novus Free Talk-New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions….if you haven’t made any by now, don’t bother, because it seems, from the footage here at least, that most of us aren’t even planning on trying.¬† What is going on Vancouver? Not that I blame us for not trying to make ourselves better people, but the lack of imagination when asked if […]

City Lights-1000 Stories

In this segment City Lights and Paul Anthony catch up with Vancouver writer, Kevin Spenst, who had been writing a short story every day for the past three and a half years. At the Carnegie Centre we poke our nose into a documentary film showing the process involved when trying to make it as a […]

City Lights- KRAZY! Exhibition

Krazy! The Delirious World Of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art was the first exhibition of its kind, in that it combined all the mentioned mediums into one exhibition, at the Vancouver Art Gallery this fall. Bruce Grenville, Senior Curator at the VAG, describes it in this manner,”There was a number of things […]

City Lights-Go Fish

Erin Ireland is here with City Lights to investigate one of Vancouver’s great little culinary secrets. Go Fish, a little fish shack situated down on the water in False Creek, pulls extraordinary numbers regardless of the day, the time of year, or the weather. This fish n’ chips joint continuously has a line-up off the […]