Novus Free Talk-Worst Christmas Present

Erin Ireland braves the cold to discuss with our street warriors the worst Christmas presents they’ve ever received. We all imagine a lump of coal or an ill-fitting sweater to take the cake, and to be honest, that’s about as bad as it seems to get for most folks. But read and watch on to see what irked Vancouver’s slightly disappointed.

“A photo of a surfboard,” one of many Ozzies in the city mentioned, perhaps wishing he could have received the real thing instead of its polaroid doppelganger. 

 “A gym membership,” one hesitant young lady says, seeming very disappointed. “Motivation maybe?” asks Erin. “Uhh no…the first thing I think is, am I fat?” “Was it from a boyfriend?” “No, my boss.” Hmm. A weird one indeed, not sure how you should feel about that. “Did you use it?” “No, I re-gifted it.”  

One man confessed that it’s been pretty good for him and couldn’t recall a bad present to date. “Do you write lists?” Erin asks. “Lists? No, I gotta be honest with you, it’s a whole big disillusion for me, because I always thought Santa Claus was black.” “No, he’s not!” “Well, you know, Christmas isn’t that big of a deal for me then,” he says laughing. Fair enough.                  

 “I got a leather vest from my parents.” “Sounds hot.” “Not really. I’m not a sixty-five year old gay man. Yet.”      

  “Oh man. It’s been haunting me since my childhood. It was a pair of Flintstone underwear that I got when I was 17 and they were like, five sizes too big. So it was just the most absolute most useless gift I really could have gotten. It had nothing to do with anything about me at the time.”

Ouch. Here’s hoping you fared somewhat better this Christmas day Vancouver.



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