City Lights- Dodgeball

Ahh dodgeball. Possibly the greatest game EVER invented on the face of the earth. At least we think so. Paul Anthony scopes out a local dodgeball posse down at the neighbourhood community centre to see what the attraction is all about.

First off, nothing beats seeing people throw things at each other. When the people happen to be a group of twenty-somethings generally dressed in flouro, hurling colourful balls to beats and beers, you would think you’ve hit the jackpot of cheapest most entertaining things. Rachel Zottenburg, self-professed dodgeball queen, was sick and tired of people saying that Vancouver wasn’t a fun city to live in, and instead of just whining about it, decided to actually do something about it. “It’s so simplistic, and so easy, and everyone loves it…you work out a lot of aggression, easy to do, and it includes everybody!”

One enthusiast’s answer, when asked by Paul what dodgeball had brought to his life, was the one thing everybody searches for, “Total fulfillment.” “It’s a great workout for a guy who doesn’t work out.” Another, “I honestly feel like time began when dodgeball began.” “During the game you feel like you’re going to die, and then you feel real life. It’s like life, death, life, death.” Ladies and gentlemen, dodgeball has just graduated to being the newest of new age zens.

The important thing that Paul learnt from all this is that, “you’re never too young to make your own fun. Climb trees, climb buildings, throw balls at each other. Stay safe, and enjoy life.”



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