Terminal City Rollergirls- Roller Derby

Paul Anthony, reporting for City Lights, gets amongst it with the Terminal City Rollergirls at the Minaru Arena, Vancouver’s first all female roller derby league.

Announcer Mac the Mouth breaks down the name of the game for us, “Each team has a pack of five skaters, the back last skater wears a star on her helmet, called a jammer, and she has to get through the pack once clean, the second time she comes around she gets a point for each skater she passes on the opposite team.” This is the second season for the three teams, and a lot of strategizing is happening. “A lot of animosity,” says the Mouth, “but good stuff…if this was guy’s hockey they’d all go in the parking lot and cry and kick their tires and drink beer and complain about each other. This group goes out and parties afterward together.” Definately the sign of a good sport.

“Rollerderby is special because its a grass roots thing. The whole organization that you see here has been done by the girls that are playing tonight,” says one rollergirl.  Their energy and enthusiasm is evident through the crowds that come out to support these stylish femmes, a crowd composed of all demographics out to see some good sporting fun, crazy sexy costumes, and enjoy the music, spun by dj Jam Master Julie who with her funky beats helps the girls get into their groove. What you have is a group of women who have combined athleticism with creativity to create a smash event in the community.

For more information, visit www.terminalcityrollergirls.com



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