Rain- the Beatles Experience

Paul Anthony is infiltrating the River Rock Show Theatre in order to get close and personal with Rain, the first ever Beatles tribute band started in 1975, and still going. First however, Paul discovers more about the lore of the River Rock Show Theatre. Howard Blank of the River Rock Show Theatre, describes it as, “…one of the more expensive and intimate theatres in the province. There’s not a bad seat in the whole theatre. It was designed for comfortability. When the lights go down and the acts come on, that energy, that evolves in here, is second to none…I’ve seen Rain before, and infact last time they were in a much bigger theatre and that’s why we’re excited to have them here. I hasten to say what the Beatles would think if they saw them, they’d give them a run for their money.”

Howard takes Paul around to show him all the memorabilia he has collected from his involvement with performers. Some items include Ben Affleck’s Santa suit from the film, Reindeer Games, Arnold Shwartzenegger’s pants from the film, the Sixth Day, and many more items, all autographed by the stars they’ve come from. Paul hangs out with Rain before they go on, doing a little dance as the rest of the band members sing happy birthday to Paul. He asks them if they’ve had any surgery to maintain their striking Beatles resemblance, only to learn that the band members were all just born to resemble their idols. It’s meant to be. Paul is so excited after their performance that he can hardly leave. Make sure you get down to the theatre to experience their next gig so you can be as happy too.

To learn more, check out www.riverrock.com



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