BCSPCA- Toy Drive

Shauna Baker and City Lights are out at the BCSPCA Toy Drive to find out just what’s going on in the name of pets. Rhonda Sherwood, SPCA, Chair of Vancouver Community Council, describes her involvement with the SPCA Toy Drive as coming from “something I was really ignorant to…the value of toys for animals, especially shelter animals. I thought that toys were more superficial but actually when our animals come here they start suffering from depression…anxiety, they have behavioural issues and what toys do is provide stimulation and help remediate these behaviours.” Just like us, our domestic animals need to have their toys too. And new ones always make us feel so good right? So how can we help our little critter friends?

“We’re non-profit so we don’t always have the funds to provide the thousands of animals that come through this shelter with toys. So last year there was a pitbull, Dizzy, that sort of inspired the Toy Drive for me. He was an old dog and nobody wanted him…so I bought him his own toy and just the way it changed his behaviour…inspired me to start the Toy Drive.”

This year, the solution was non other than Santa, who had “graciously flown in from the North Pole.” Kids had their photos taken with Santa and a pet for a small price, there were goodie bags for donation, and Tim Hortons provided their Canadian staple of coffee and donuts. More than anything the Toy Drive is an opportunity to contribute to a community, something that more than ever involves our pets. Many people donated bags of dog and cat treats. Provincial wide, with 37 shelters, there is a BCSPCA close to you whose inhabitants would enjoy some Christmas spirit.

For more information, visit www.spca.bc.ca



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