Rogers Santa Claus Parade 2008

Shauna Baker, City Lights, and 300,000 people are out in the cold on a December 7th afternoon to participate in the holiday extravaganza that is the Rogers Santa Claus Parade. 

2008 is the fifth year of the Santa Claus Parade, and spectators are lined up thick along the parade route, starting at Boughton and Georgia and continuing down to Howe and Davie. Floats and performers of every type imaginable come down the street in some sort of Christmas theme. Over 60 marching bands are on hand, the Marysville Pilchuk Marching Band is there, gleaming in brass and holiday cheer, Meals on Wheels is there, Beauty and the Beast is there, little hockey players, and charity organizations to the nines are out to get the crowds giving. 

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is one, collecting non-perishable items for the many Vancouverites who find it hard to get a decent meal. “This demonstrates that people are in the mood for giving, looking to help the charity out. Food is something that crosses all boundaries, so we’re hoping for good things today,”  says Cheryl Prepchuk, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. “Not only are there a lot of people who want to see the parade, but there are a lot of people who want to be in the parade, which is great for us too.” 

Indeed! The more the merrier!

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