East Side Culture Crawl

Shanua Barker leads us through the free, three-day event, that is the East Side Culture Crawl. Valerie Arntzen, one of the founders of the East Side Culture Crawl Society, describes the criteria one must match in order to have your creative results displayed. “You must make real art. Nothing that is mass produced…and that you are in our boundaries.” (Main Street to Commercial Drive and from First Avenue north along the Waterfront). 

Real art some might ask? If that’s something that might put you off, it’s still no reason not to stop in for a visit. If you missed this year’s gig, make sure you pour through this footage. The reason why is the array and quality of the works shown. With three hundred artists in three days, its hard to show through a few moments of footage the amazing displays of all sorts of visual art, from recycled street objects transformed into altars, a book of poetry into a space lengthy collage work of instillation art, layered photographs of silvery human forms over the textures of nature. It’s all there, and all explained by their ecstatic creators, emerging artists to established ones. Valerie’s own art is inspired by her travels; photographs and treasures from overseas which she puts together back at home in order to create a “visual memory.” 

A visual memory indeed. If you didn’t attend even a slice of this year’s event, make sure you check out the next. For more information, visit www.eastsideculturecrawl.com 



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