Many of us know what it is but might not know what it’s called. If this is you, or you know what it is and have been curious to learn more, here’s your lesson! Parkour! Parkour is the crazy, admirable combo of martial arts and gymnastics action that has risen to popularity and has most notably been seen in films of recent years, such as the James Bond film “Casino Royale.” 

Host Ryan Lowe jumps in with Parkour trainers and enthusiasts to learn what it’s all about. Parkour started in France in the 1980s, and the French art of movement is largely credited to founder David Belle. Parkour Instructor Rene Scavington explains it this way; “The way it started was as a discipline, inspired basically by martial arts, gymnastics, things like that…those things people do for competition, but the original people who started Parkour were always pushed to use it as something not only for themselves but as part of their life, to help others, that sort of thing…Parkour is running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and all that’s been around since the beginning of mankind right? But there’s never been a focus on that training as there is now. They sort of just took that art of movement and put a name to it, and that’s Parkour.” 

Reasons why you might give it a try? “It’s a good workout, and…Parkour is really fun.” “Good exercise, that’s the main thing…in Parkour you have to work everything.” “Over the years you find out a lot about your body…where your strengths are, what you really enjoy’s your own personality and you add your own humour to it.”   “It’s your own way.” 

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