Novus Free Talk-Thanksgiving

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What do you look forward to the most? The family? The food? The wine?  Novus Free Talk discusses just what it is that makes Thanksgiving so special. For some people in this city Thanksgiving is a new celebration for them, so its all about getting together with friends and family and food to experience it for the first time. For others, family is far away so its all about the friends and “getting really drunk.” Safe to say that for the majority of us, it’s something of all of the above…

Thanksgiving is all part of reliving our favourite warm memories we have from past celebrations. Some have cabins that the family goes out to, “we’d go for hikes, there’d be a big Thanksgiving dinner, all the family would join, from all different parts…we’d all drive up there for the Thanksgiving feast. It was great!” says one lady. For one young man, it meant losing his vino. “One time we had so much snow, we put the wine bottles out in the snow banks, and lost them until it was Spring,” he says grinning. For others, what makes these Thanksgiving memories so pleasant is the family, not the food, “It’s all about everybody getting together, hanging out, spending time together, it’s really more about the family, not the food, really…” he says, uncertain at our host’s shocked expression. 

So just what are we thankful for Vancouver? Well, here’s what one passersby had to say: “I’m thankful for moving back to the most beautiful city in Canada, North America in fact!”

Aww shucks. Here’s hoping you had an equally wonderful Thanksgiving as those in this footage were geared up for. 



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