Novus Free Talk-Halloween

The costume is the one thing us Vancouverites are most concerned about when it comes to Halloween. It’s all about the costume. Once you’ve got that, anything goes. Novus Free Talk discovers that we are a nation of die-hard trick and treaters, pulling off amazing costumes, amazing feats, and amazing times. 

Here are some of the more inspirational costumes and ideas those interviewed on the street had to bring to the table: a deer, a tribute to the Canadian wilderness, a Cheburashka, a Russian toy that looks like a monkey with really big ears and no tail, a panty fairy: two in fact, who planned to throw panties at the crowds, a member of the Fashion Police, handing out tickets to offenders. Some chose themes, such as “Snakes on a Plane”, Axel Rose and his groupie, and Juno and Paulie, from the hit film “Juno”. One man remembers as a kid being dressed up as a little old lady, complete with life-like makeup applied by his uncle who was a professional makeup artist.

And the best Halloween ever?, asks our zombie host Willa-Lee Reid. For one young man, it was the Halloween before he told his parents that he was gay. “I dressed up as Peter Pan so you think they would have gotten the hint.” For some, it’s as simple as just dressing up, hitting the Drive, and going to a party. For others, it’s about the tricks for treats, for example, celebrating with spooky food. One passerby tells of a friend who put roast beef in the stomach of a baby doll so that every time it was cut with a knife it made the sounds of a baby crying.

There’s no doubt about it, Halloween is the one day of the year where you can let your imagination run wild. 



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