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As of November 15th, the Vancouver municipal elections came to a close, with Novus TV here to supply you with a brief summary of its results in addition to exclusive footage of interviews with three successful city council candidates.

Three city council candidates selected to be Vancouver councilors are as follows: for the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)- David Cadman, for Vision Vancouver- Raymond Loule, and for the Non-Partisan Association (NPA)- Susan Canton. In the links below, Alise Mills is here to discuss pertinent issues with each city councilor candidate in the Hot Topic segments. 

COPE: David Cadman–

Vision: Raymond Loule–

NPA: Susan Canton–


For the mayoral elections, the new mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, the former NDP MLA for Vancouver-Fairview who left the provincial opposition to run for mayor, took the election with 67,598 votes, a lead of 18,804 over rival Peter Ladner. Mr. Robertson has two major issues to address as mayor- the Olympics, and housing. The link between the two at the moment is the controversial loan of $100 million to fund Olympic Athlete’s housing. Its prospective use afterwards as social housing will, lets hope, effect the thousands of homeless on the streets, a key issue being addressed and the hot topic of his mayoral speech, a sure deciding factor in his landslide victory over the opposition. 

About only 25 per cent of Vancouverites took the time to mark a ballot. The results show, of course, a city divided largely along economic lines. A wealthier west side voted primarily for Ladner, while voters in the lower-income east side and in the west-side pocket of Kitsilano backed Robertson. Let’s hope these two areas, with their small voter turnout, have represented a Vancouver that is going after progressive change, towards a place that could be, according to Robertson, “the greenest and most creative city in the world.”  


Visit Novus TV’s post on Youtube for a few other small interviews from other election candidates, as well as other Novus footage of in and around the city of Vancouver, at


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