Yaletown Business Improvement Association

Nicola Anderson and City Lights head into Yaletown, one of Vancouver’s more trendy neighbourhoods, to investigate what it takes to make this area so appealing. To find an answer, she speaks with Annette O’Shea, the executive director of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, which is essentially a membership of all of the merchants, restaurants, and commercial property owners in the Yaletown area.

One of their main focuses is, “street beautification, where we do a lot of litter pick-ups, a lot of street cleaning…weed removal…flower baskets…try to make the area look clean and welcoming,” says Annette. There are area ambassadors, to help keep the area safe and secure, and to help visitors through the area who might be there to check out the variety of events the YBIA is also involved in.

Their main goal at hand however, is to make downtown Vancouver dumpster free, hopefully by January 1st, 2009. For seven years now they’ve taken the initiative in finding other ways to deal with garbage, increase parking, and just generally make the heritage district of Yaletown more accessible to all. There are more than one hundred dumpsters in Yaletown, with those gone, that mean businesses in the area have more available parking spaces, less noise, and more safety with a decrease in garbage trucks coming through the area. Because businesses will have to store garbage inside, this will raise the expectation that they will start recycling a more substantial amount, decreasing the garbage levels that go to the landfill, and making, “the world a better place.” It’s that simple. 

For more information on the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, visit www.yaletowninfo.com



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