Free Talk-Patio

Novus TV is out in the summer sunshine to talk to the people on the street about their favourite summer patio spot, whether to have a cold one, or pick up that summer crush. First we discover people’s locals, some of the favourites being the Watermark, the Cactus Club in Yaletown, Global, Cardero’s, the Chili House, Section Three, Provence Marinaside, the Bluewater, Goldfish… anything that happens to be in Yaletown with a view of the water, or just with a good spot to people watch. 

Once you’ve lured your crush there, or once you’ve set up shop and are ready to plunge into the action, the inevitable question remains: how do you talk to him or her? The dog works tricks, you can just sit back and relax and let it do the work for you. “The line is really body language, and energy,” says one passerby, “You don’t really need to say anything to know you have a connection with somebody…the eyes speak for themselves.” For others, “Just the ol’ struttin’ the stuff,” while some vouch for playing it cool. “Just ignore them. It works. Just look really bored and disinterested…I have about an 85% success rate.”

“A little eye contact, a little friendly smile, that’s about it.”  “Pick-up lines are a little too obvious sometimes aren’t they?” agrees our host, “Yeah, totally…”

Well, if pick-up line aren’t for you, if you’re taken and already have a  beautiful pair of eyes to stare into, or if you’re just out for some good food and good times, Vancouver seems to know where its at. If someone in this clip catches your eye, pay close attention to their local and maybe you’ll see him or her there and you can try out your own cool moves. 




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