Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Cara Yeates opens this clip by describing how the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, “showcases some of Canada’s most exciting theatre works.” This event is where the finest of contemporary English speaking theatre can be found: form bending, ground breaking acting and story telling, the best of this country together as one roving troupe. 

“Vancouver has been very exciting in the past ten years. There’s a lot of great, independent theatre companies, that have grass roots audiences but yet aren’t necessarily known in the mainstream, and a festival like Magnetic North can really help bring those companies to the forefront of the consciousness of the people,” says Caymar Chai, Associate Producer of Hive 2, the second version of Hive, a show that was so successful the previous year that Magnetic North decided to showcase and commission it for a bigger and better version in this year’s 2008.

What better place to go out to for some inspiration and fun than to the creative product of the hearts and minds of the surrounding community…With eleven shows, some of Canada’s best indie bands, an array of performance artists, and a party every night to celebrate, there’s no reason not to go the next time Magnetic North stops in your home town. 

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