Lyrics One Night Stand

Lyrics One Night Stand is a night of outrageous, censor-free, hilarious, stand-up comedy. Victoria Bidewell talks to Alberta Main, the Booking Agent and Co-Creator of Lyrics One Night Stand. Alberta says that, “they wanted to set up a space that was pro art and pro comedy, where comics from all over, Vancouver and Canada, could come here…and do a great show at Lyric which is a space free of censorship, that is completely pro art, and you can say whatever you want to say here. It’s awesome.”

Artistic Director, Michele Lonsdale Smith, says, “It all started with what we call, ‘tornado of talent,’ in the classroom. People live out their fantasies, their fears, they can do it in a safe place…you’d be suprised at the number of people who want to be comics.” Thus they started an evening where they could bring in people from the outside to say and do what they please, and the response of the crowd shows the popularity that this night has earned.

One of the stand-up comedians, Jy Harris, says that he loves it; “it’s just so different from the regular club fare going on…it feels like you’re appealing to more discerning tastes.” Miss Bidewell said that she hasn’t laughed so hard in ages, so if you feel like you need a little something to tickle your funny bone, Lyrics One Night Stand is the second Saturday of every month, at 341 Water Street. For more information check out 


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