Ghost Train

Ghost Train is an annual Halloween themed event that takes place in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Every year a train takes passengers through Stanley Park on a scary themed ride; this year’s theme was ‘Ghost Pirates’ and by the response of eager train goers it was a hit. 

Ryan Lowe hops on the train and witnesses the scary ghost pirate spectacles: Blackbeard searching for treasure, hanged men from the trees, silhouettes of tall ships in the distance and treasure buried somewhere in the park, all under an eerie moon. Carrie Nimmo of Mortal Coil Performance Society says she “became inspired by pirate ghosts by her six year old son…Every year we think of something new, and I was reading a pirate story to my son and he got all excited, and I was like wow, this could be really exciting!” 

The ghost train started in 1999, and every year since, along with Vancouver Parks, they’ve run a different theme. “A little bit of scariness and a lot of inventiveness,” says Carrie. The footage of the train passing through the trees shows amazing pockets light shows and acting, creative scenes that scare and delight the people on the train. Little kids have their faces painted and most wear pirate hats, and amazingly enough, the parents seem just as happy to be there as their kiddies. 

If you missed a ride on this year’s ghost train, make sure you come along next year for another scary theme. Visit for more information.


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