Monthly Archives: November 2008

Novus Free Talk-Thanksgiving

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What do you look forward to the most? The family? The food? The wine?  Novus Free Talk discusses just what it is that makes Thanksgiving so special. For some people in this city Thanksgiving is a new celebration for them, so its all about getting together with friends and family […]

Novus Free Talk-Halloween

The costume is the one thing us Vancouverites are most concerned about when it comes to Halloween. It’s all about the costume. Once you’ve got that, anything goes. Novus Free Talk discovers that we are a nation of die-hard trick and treaters, pulling off amazing costumes, amazing feats, and amazing times.  Here are some of the […]

Novus Free Talk- Sex and the City

Novus Free Talk is back, this time interviewing passersby to see which character from the enormously popular TV show, “Sex and the City” that they identify with most. While the majority of women Novus spoke with on the street know the show and can identify with one of the characters, men, when asked who they “identify” […]

Hot Topic- Vancouver Election Special

As of November 15th, the Vancouver municipal elections came to a close, with Novus TV here to supply you with a brief summary of its results in addition to exclusive footage of interviews with three successful city council candidates. Three city council candidates selected to be Vancouver councilors are as follows: for the Coalition of […]

Free Talk-Patio

Novus TV is out in the summer sunshine to talk to the people on the street about their favourite summer patio spot, whether to have a cold one, or pick up that summer crush. First we discover people’s locals, some of the favourites being the Watermark, the Cactus Club in Yaletown, Global, Cardero’s, the Chili […]

Yaletown Business Improvement Association

Nicola Anderson and City Lights head into Yaletown, one of Vancouver’s more trendy neighbourhoods, to investigate what it takes to make this area so appealing. To find an answer, she speaks with Annette O’Shea, the executive director of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, which is essentially a membership of all of the merchants, restaurants, and […]

Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Cara Yeates opens this clip by describing how the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, “showcases some of Canada’s most exciting theatre works.” This event is where the finest of contemporary English speaking theatre can be found: form bending, ground breaking acting and story telling, the best of this country together as one roving troupe.  “Vancouver has […]

Lyrics One Night Stand

Lyrics One Night Stand is a night of outrageous, censor-free, hilarious, stand-up comedy. Victoria Bidewell talks to Alberta Main, the Booking Agent and Co-Creator of Lyrics One Night Stand. Alberta says that, “they wanted to set up a space that was pro art and pro comedy, where comics from all over, Vancouver and Canada, could […]

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival

The TD International Jazz Festival in Gastown is one of Vancouver’s most anticipated yearly events. With 1800 performers, 400 concerts, and 40 different venues in 2008, all free, its easy to see why. The Vancouver International Jazz Festival is one of the best of its kind, as quoted on the Coastal Jazz and Blues website, “If […]

Ghost Train

Ghost Train is an annual Halloween themed event that takes place in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Every year a train takes passengers through Stanley Park on a scary themed ride; this year’s theme was ‘Ghost Pirates’ and by the response of eager train goers it was a hit.  Ryan Lowe hops on the train and witnesses […]