Free Outdoor Yoga- Canada Place

A chance for yogis to get their groove on. Victoria Bidewell tries out the free yoga sessions taking place over the warmer months at Canada Place, on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver. Classes are held on the observation deck of Canada Place where participants not only strengthen and relax their bodies with this ancient practice, but are able to be outside with a view of the ocean and mountains, to breath in the fresh air.

Yoga instructor Kreg Weiss discusses the advantages of practicing yoga in this location, “…there is the advantage of people being able to get fresh air, natural light. It’s an opportunity for people to just be outdoors…for most people just being able to sit and relax, stretch their bodies and get active is a good first step.” 

Canada Place contacted Kreg offering up the use of the observation deck twice a week. Classes are free, and to participate all you have to do is show up early with your yoga mat to sign in and get down to business. The health benefits of yoga are innumerable, affecting the body inside and out, and relaxing the mind, raising awareness. If you haven’t tried yoga before, this is your chance for a free trial.

To learn more about partaking in yoga at Canada Place and with Kreg Weiss, visit and look under community events, or visit


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