Vancouver Film Race 2008

Nicola Anderson is at the Ridge Theatre in West Vancouver for the International Fast Films 24 hr. Film Festival. Film races are only for the fast and the furious, and are based around a few simple rules: participants are given 24 hours in which to write, shoot, edit, and drop the film off to location for entry, and participants are emailed at 10p.m. on Friday night (the beginning of the 24 hours) with two elements they must incorporate into their film, a theme and a suprise element. In this case, for the Vancouver location, the two things filmmakers had to include in their film were: the theme of greed, and turning on a sink faucet. 

Judge Kryshan Randel says he looks for, “creativity, technical quality, telling a good story (having a beginning, middle, and an end), and just something fun…” The International Fast Films 24 hr. Film Festival takes place in various locations (mutltiple cities across the United States and in Toronto and Vancouver), and then the best from each locale compete for thousands of great prizes before one team receives the “Best Film of 2008” or whatever year it may be. If this sounds like something you’re up to entering, or if you simply want to view the results of creativity on demand, visit for next year’s entry information, and to check out 2008’s entries. 


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