Car Free Day- Main Street

Cara Yeates is on Main Street amidst crowds of thousands for its annual Car Free Day.

Billy Collins, Event Co-ordinator, describes Car Free Day as, “a Vancouver wide event that originated from the Commercial Drive fest four years ago. The idea this year was the organizers of the Commercial Drive event decided to expand the event. The whole point is to take the cars off the street and open them up to people. The idea is to spread it, and grow organically every year grabbing more and more communities as we go so that by 2010 we’ll be able to shut the city down for at least one day, on Father’s Day.” 

Letting fun happen for free, allowing people to experience their community and the individuals who make up that community is the aim of Car Free Day. With people of all ages dancing on the streets, kids painting chalk, musicians jamming everywhere, nothing but good seems to come from this event. Skateboarding demonstrations, grass roots organizations from all communities of Vancouver, face painting, families out together is what makes up the crowd, and it seems that with the number of people out to celebrate the freedom of the street, a citywide Car Free Day would bring nothing but happiness. 

For more information on next year’s Car Free Day, visit for more information. 


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