Yaletown Grand Prix 2008

Heather Bissonnette takes us down to 2008’s Yaletown Grand Prix which took place on Canada Day. This is the 5th annal Grand Prix, the biggest event to date, with over 300 racers competing in over 6 events, not to mention the 20,000 plus spectators. 

Paul Done, the Event Director, explains that, “although bike racing looks like an individual sport, it’s actually a team sport, especially at the higher levels…so each team puts about six or seven riders in the race, and those teams work a team strategy to try and get their racer to the finish first.” 

Of the six categories, there are two women’s races: pro and amateur, and because there are still more men in bike racing, there are four men’s categories: two amateur, one for over thirty, and the professional category. With a new racetrack having been incorporated three years ago, the bikers describe the race as dodgeball on bikes, keeping them constantly on their toes with its pace. It’s one of the funnest races they do all year, with thousands of fans cheering them on around Yaletown, and with great support from the community. 

The winners stand proud smiling out at the cheers around them, for some this is a step on the way to the Beijing Olympics. For information on the race results and the Yaletown Grand Prix, visit www.yaletowngrandprix.com


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    Sorry I missed the event, it sounds good. I was in Whistler. I’m heading up there again at the end of the month for the winter ski season, hope to see you on the slopes.


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