Greek Summer Festival 2008

Nicola Anderson is reporting for City Lights at the Greek Summer Fest, the main fundraiser of the year for the Greek community of East Vancouver. The festival runs on Boundary Rd. from June 27th to July 6th, from noon to eleven p.m., a total of nine days of the very things that make the world go round: music, dancing, drink, and food. 

The festival runs on the energy of its many volunteers and nothing but tents can be seen for miles around. The main purpose of the fundraiser is to raise enough money for the building of a community centre for the Greek community of East Vancouver. Admission is free so why not go down and “live a day the Greek way.” There’s a variety of entertainment every day, not only put on by the various Greek dance groups but also by the different cultures that are invited down, such as Italian, Romanian, and Scottish. It’s an event for everyone regardless of background, a time of music, dancing, and nothing but great food.

For information on Greek Fest, their website can be found at Watching Nicola eat amazing Greek treats such as souvlaki and honey donuts makes a person hungry for more, so for a slice of the Mediterranean yourself, make sure you get down to next year’s celebration.


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