Are You Our Next Style Spy Girl?

Ishra Sharif of the Style Spy is with Novus TV in Metrotown for the’s search for the next Style Spy girl. Style Spy ambassadors are on hand looking for fashionable girls to enter in the contest, by signing up online as a Style Spy member they receive free beauty products and the chance to enter in the competition.

The Style on the Streets is a contest searching for girls with style; twenty are given trendy items of clothing from various shops located in Metrotown and asked to incorporate them into their own style. In the end the Style Spy will have a selection of twenty different looks using the same items, and the girls are then photographed and put up on the website where the one with the most votes wins the clothing she wore for the fashion shoot. 

The Style Spy’s website is where every girl can find out about the best shopping to be had in Vancouver. Check it out at


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