Red Bull Soapbox Race

The first ever Red Bull Soapbox Derby takes place in Vancouver, with Adera Andelucci leading the way down a 4th ave. brimming with creativity and liveliness in every direction.

Sonia Klinger, of Red Bull Communications, explains: “the race is where people make carts, human powered carts, so no stored energy whatsoever, and then race them down a track…” The participants of the race are fully dressed in costumes in accordance with the theme of their racing car, some examples being: the Ghetto Blasters; dressed in bling and riding a huge beatbox; the Fall artist’s gallery and tattooing shop racing a giant man being tattooed as he careens down the racetrack; and Piranha Trauma, inspired by the competitor’s pet fish and made from glued styrofoam, sanded, shaped and painted into the jaws of a Piranha, complete with matching t-shirts.

Participants are judged on three criteria: creativity, showmanship, and speed. Let’s hope Red Bull really does give you wings. About 30,000 people showed up to witness the Red Bull race. If you’re interested in participating in next year’s Red Bull Soapbox Race, visit for more information.


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