The Terry Fox Run 2008

On a beautiful Sunday morning, Adera Angelucci is down at the 28th anniversary of the Terry Fox Run, which took place on September 14th, situated at Second Beach in Stanley Park, here in Vancouver. 

Also known as ‘the Marathon of Hope,’ this run inspires people throughout Canada and the world. It was Terry Fox’s dream to see a world without cancer, and many of the participants and supporters of the Terry Fox run are running because of their own or of a loved ones experience with the disease. Councelor Kim Kapri eloquently sums up the feeling of the run; “People come because they want to see cancer abolished…so they participate in this because they want to celebrate the memory of Terry, but also because of his dream, a world free of cancer. I’ve been talking with a lot of British Columbians and its not uncommon to ask people, ‘so who’s your hero?’ and the number one answer people give is, ‘my mom’ but the number two answer that I hear is ‘Terry Fox’.” 

Mayor Sam Sullivan was there, and told Novus TV that “the nicest people in the city” can be found here at the annual Terry Fox run. Money raised from the marathon goes towards cancer research. For more information on Terry Fox and the ‘Marathon of Hope’, visit


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