Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day was celebrated in grand proportions for the first time in front of the Vancouver Public Library. Adera Angelucci joins the crowds who have gathered for Mexico’s biggest event, the celebration of their independence. Jose Carlos Medina Cornejo, President of CCIME, says this is an event where, “we really go nuts!” 

“Vive Mexico, Vive Independence!” cries the crowd, in a reenactment of the 1810 revolution. The shouts of “Vive!” from so many voices proves to be a powerful cry, and stories of gatherings of millions of Mexicans shouting “Vive!”, as opposed to hundreds in this Vancouver gathering, gives a person shivers with the impact it has. The revelry has been a week long event here in Vancouver, which took place from Sept.11th to 17th, including the Mexican Cinema-Film Festival as part of the Latin American Film Festival, traditional Mariachi bands, a gala dinner, exhibitions of stunning Mexican art and photography, and of course, the 198th anniversary of Mexico’s independence, just outside the Vancouver Public Library.

If you weren’t able to attend any of the festivities this year, make sure you come along to next year’s event, to join in a small part of the celebrations taking place the world over. “Vive!” 



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