Inside Pride

Inside Pride, Vancouver’s annual gay pride festival and parade, takes place every summer down at English Bay. In the 30th annual pride festival, presenter Ryan DeLuca leads us down the street alongside the floats, speaking with parade participants and excited spectators. 

Screaming fans who have been waiting all day and come from all over the province welcome the start of the parade. Dikes on Bikes kicks off the parade, a tradition since the its inception. Flags from every province, grand marshals, luxury sports cars containing men in sequined shorts waving flags, queer pride worldwide, black parade kings dressed as pirates and vampires, rescue dogs, seniors, family pride, sexy topless dancing, theatre under the stars, and everything else that should be in a parade and is comes down the street.

Fluttering rainbow flags are as ubiquitous as the song, “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor,  over which can be heard shouts of “Happy Pride!” given by leaping, flag waving paraders. All sorts of different cultures are represented in this downtown Vancouver celebration, and all are smiling; whether they be rolling, strutting, and dancing, or feathered, painted, or glittering.

For more information, visit the Vancouver Pride Society at

Happy Pride Vancouver!


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