Inside Pride II

The fun continues with men in underwear dancing on a jungle float handing out necklaces. Terminal city roller girls are next, followed by S&M, heavy bondage, whipping and flogging. Odyssey, “the hottest bar in the city” is going out with style as this is their last year and beautiful people dancing up high on the float keep up the expectations. Mounties are next, keeping in formation, followed by the UBC radio, the Surrey Youth alliance, the Douglas College union, the University of the Fraser Valley

Jack Layton, federal NDP rolls up in a convertible, summarizing his thoughts on gay pride with, “happy pride, let’s take it world wide.” Xtra West, Vancouver’s own Gay and Lesbian Biweekly, describes this Pride Parade as, “the best Pride Parade…seen in years.” The parade continues to escalate, with musical style street dancing popping up more and more groups out to support pride. Endless contributors, teams, groups, organizations, and establishments are there to champion the struggle for equal rights.

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