Fuse is an all night event held at the Vancouver Public Art Gallery. In this clip of the 2nd annual exhibition, Cara Yeates reports on the music, performance, activities, and art that are showcased in this innovative twelve-hour spectacle. 

Dana Sullivan, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Vancouver Public Art Gallery, describes the event as, “a unique way to experience art in the city of Vancouver.” On all four levels of the gallery there are pockets of creative going-ons to witness and partake in: exhibitions, performance art, indie bands, gamelan puppetry, a draw jam where gallery goers can sit down and draw comics, to live laser light graffiti hosted by the New Forms Media Society on the side of the Sears building next to the gallery. Refresh yourself with beverages in the Fuse Lounge with some of Vancouver’s top DJs, open all night.

There are three FUSE events a year, on select Fridays, with the summer FUSE being the biggest event. FUSE events coincide with the opening of an exhibition series at the Vancouver Public Art Gallery. Attendees will have experience nothing but fun and inspiration at a FUSE event, where art entertainment is at its finest. A must do for for any cultural enthusiast. 

Visit www.vanartgallery.bc.ca for information on the next FUSE.


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