Teen Angst Poetry Night

Teen Angst Poetry Night is an opportunity to read out all your late night, drama infused scribblings from those adolescent years of emotional turmoil. Cara Yeates goes to the Railway Club, situated at 579 Dunsmuir Street, to witness the literary spectacle of embarrassing teenage writing read before an eager audience. 

Sara Bynoe, the producer of Teen Angst, started this open mic night, “a catharsis of your teenage past,” as an opportunity for the willing to be able to read out past dairy entries, poetry, songs, and other such memorabilia that are kept hidden in a box under the bed that we don’t know what to do with. In this clip, fellow poets and spectators alike are kept in fits of laughter, there for the pure fun that is had when readings of sexual exploits, love triangles, hatred of one’s enemy, and just general romantic confusion are read aloud. Teenage tales written with such seriousness, but that in the light of the present, become nothing but comedic gold. 

For information on Teen Angst Poetry Night, go to www.sarabynoe.com, and click on the link, Teen Angst, in the top banner.



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