Playland at the PNE, situated in Hastings Park, is not only a great Vancouver tradition, but a great Canadian tradition as this country’s longest running amusement park. Having first opened in 1910, Playland provides many laughs to over half a million people a year; Paul Anthony, the host of this City Lights segment, is one of them. Join him in this clip as he tours through all that Playland has to offer.

Katie Dunn, the media escort at the PNE, joins Paul in an afternoon filled with fun. They start out by creating chaos on the bumper cars, move to the Drop Zone, where guests attached to rip cords get pulled up a 30 m (100 ft) tower then let to free fall. This is followed by arcade games, and the sharing of a delicious candy apple. 

A Playland staple is the classic wooden roller-coaster, celebrating 50 years this 2008 summer, ridden by people from all over the world, and has been featured in films such as Fear (1996). The park is open throughout summer until the start of October, when Playland becomes Fright Nights, a Halloween theme event running from Oct.16 to Nov.1st. 

If you didn’t make it to the P.N.E. this year, you will want to go next year after seeing this segment. And if you’re beating yourself up for missing it, this clip will make you laugh as much as you would have had you been there in person. Visit for more information.



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