Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2008

Victoria Bidewell leads us through the grounds of the 31st Vancouver Folk Music Festival at Jericho Beach Park which took place on July 18,19, and 20. This yearly packed out event is based around the notion of, “music from the people for the people.” 

Pockets of tents feature a range of food, of local and international cuisine, an artists’ market with hand crafted items, jewelry, and products from co-ops and fair trade organizations. There are eight outdoor stages featuring all styles of music from roots, world music, and hip-hop, to 4000 yr. old Moroccan music, with well-known names such as Spearhead and Bill Bourne attending. Performers are teenagers through to elderly folks, and all are part of this unique tradition of diversity, and for the enjoyment of a common thing- the music.

Walking around the crowd of festival goers one sees spoken word artists, people having garage sales, fields of parked bicycles, and giant birds on stilts amusing the kiddies. The vibe is one of a community-orientated event at the beach, with people from all walks of life simply jamming.

Visit for information on next year’s event.


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